nosotrosAranték means in aboriginal language from indigenous people of Patagonia “pink” as the sunrise color in the Patagonia.

Founded in 2014, Aranték is a small family  company from Coyhaique city, Aysén region.

We created infusions gourmet with unique flavours, we work together with collectors buying the wild fruits and herbs that we dry and we blend with tea leaves imported from sri lanka.

The company has a strong commitment with susteinability and social responsability working in all the processes engaged with small farmers and the comunity. Arantek has created natural products with ancestral flavors typical from Latin America.

We capture the essence of Patagonia in a cup of tea and we inivite you to travel to Patagonia through a cup of tea



Tea Designer

Nuestra línea de té blends de la Patagonia son mezclas de autor creadas por Amanda Ríos, Tea designer certificada en la Escuela Argentina del Té, Rosario, Argentina. Cada blend ha sido creado a través de un proceso creativo inspirado en las distintas zonas agro geográficas que caracterizan a la región de Aysén.

tea designer

Mision – Vision


A sensory journey, highlighting the organoleptic, olfactory, visual and gustatory qualities, such as the texture and body of each tea mixture.

Entregamos una experiencia de sabores únicos de la Patagonia en una taza de té.


Posicionarse en el mercado de especialidades nacional e internacional, haciendo que en cada hogar de América disfruten de Aranték.