The Blends are mixtures of tea leaves with different fruits and herbs from Patagonia. Inspired in differents and characteristic landscapes from Aysén region like lakes, fiords, glaciers and highways.

Yakén Austral Litoral Pampa Sur Glacier


Black tea OP & OP1 with paramela, elderberry and apples. Yakén inspired in a plant from Patagonia with multiple benefits for health. This natural blend will fill you right up with energy leaving you ready to face the day.






Té negro, saúco, paramela y manzanas locales Un té vitalizador y aromático inspirado en el arbusto de la paramela (Yakén), típico de la cuenca del lago General Carrera . Ideal para el desayuno y para acompañar con pasteles cítricos y frutales.


Green tea gunpowder with mint and currants. Austral is an aromatic and delicious beverage  inspired in the magical highway from Patagonia.

Is high in antioxidants that can improve the function of your body.

Té Austral mezcla finas hebras de té verde variedad Gunpowder con grosellas y mentas regionales, es un té fresco altamente diurético y funcional al aportar una alta gama de antioxidantes. El té Austral se inspira en la imponente carretera austral que nos sorprende con sus bellos colores y únicos paisajes.


Black tea OP & OP1 with calafate berry, maqui berry, blackcurrant and chilco flower. This tea contains antioxidants and help to keep us young and protect us from damage from pollution.

Té negro Orange Pekoe, maqui, calafate, zarzaparrilla y pétalos de flores de chilco. Un suave té con notas dulces, inspirado en el litoral de Aysén.  Se recomienda beber a la hora del té y acompañar con sabores dulces para resaltar los sabores del maqui y calafate.

koi aike

Green tea gunpowder with roseship and paramela is an invigorating blend.

Help enliven your senses and assist in detoxifying and circulating the energy in your body and mind.

Té verde variedad Gunpowder, cascarilla de rosa de mosqueta y paramela. Té inspirado en la pampa patagonica, es altamente diurético de sabores secos típicos de la pampa austral.


Black tea OP & OP1 with peppermint, calafate berry and apples. Is a natural and refreshing blend that helps promote healthy relaxation. Is a cup of calm. inspired in Aysén glaciars.



Hoja sashet

cucharaserving size 2 g




teteraHot water 95 g





Add boiling water and let the tea leaves steep for 3 to 5 minutes